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Roman numerals or Times new Roman font

 Price paid at checkout will be a 100$ deposit towards the final price.

The final price will depend on size. 
100$ minimum per person and per tattoo 

The balance after the deposit will be due in CASH at the time of the appointment. 

To qualify for this pricing at your appointment:

1. Single number Roman Numerals will usually run about minimum price, but could vary depending on size and placement. Please block out 90 minutes for this type of appointment 

estimate $100-150

2. Times new Roman phrases depend on size and placement. Single words will be the same as above. Block out 90 minutes for one word or short phrase. Block out a 120 minute appointment for longer phrases or if there will be multiple people* getting tattooed.

estimate $140-200

3. Longer dates could still fall under the 90 minute appointment. 
If they are going on larger areas, such as down the entire forearm or down the entire spine, please block out 150 minutes. 
estimate $180-250

*please include the number of persons that will be getting tattooed. I will adjust the the appointment time accordingly 

note: example images in this section are not my work.